Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lip Tip - Elf Concealer

I'm not a big one for strikingly bold lips. I tend to class my face as quite classicly 'English Rose'-y which means that heavy eye shadow, liner or lipstick can tend to make me look slightly drag queen-ish. I do like to dabble with eye shadow and striking lip colours occasionally but only for special occasions and definitely not for normal day time, I've tried it before and to be frank it just doesn't suit me. 

That's where the Elf Tone Correcting Concealer comes in. To be honest, as a concealer it's possibly the worst out there, it literally does nothing to conceal or hide anything so if you're looking for a good concealer this aint it (there are plenty of brilliantly amazing concealers that I could rave about but perhaps another time). What it is good at however is toning down lip colour which, for me, I find very useful. 
Elf Tone Correcting Concealer
  I love a bit of lippy don't get me wrong but a lot of the time I just find the the colours out there are too 'strong' for my face. I like the tones and the colours like the Mac Sheen Supreme lipstick below in Gotta Dash but hopefully you'll agree as well that the peachy tone that comes out after I've used a couple of dabs of the Elf concealer over the top is a better finish. I think the reason why this 'concealer' is such a good tool for this sort of thing is because it's very watery. It's not thick or dense in colour like a lot of good concealers so on the lips it doesn't give a crusty/dried out 'foundation lip' finish, it leaves the natural glossiness of the lipstick whilst adding a bit of natural skin colour. 

Before: With Mac Sheen Supreme in Gotta Dash
After: With the Elf Concealer

 Rather than chucking it away after the first time I used it, it stayed in the make-bag for a while and now it takes a firm spot with all my lipsticks rather than my concealers. I like to experiment with make-up sometimes, just because it's marketed as doing one thing it doesn't mean there's not a better use for your face shape/skin type etc. Everyone's different and after quite a few make-up disasters in my teens I think I've got pretty good judgement now of what suits me and what doesn't 

Elf is so cheap it's worth getting for those times when you think 'arghhhhh too bright!' or 'arghhhh too much for work'. Rather than eliminating lipstick altogether just tone it down. 

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