Saturday, 29 December 2012

Welcome to the world of beauty blogging!


..where to begin? I've decided that blogging has become an increasingly more 'natural' thing to do in every day life. Expressing your interests to people around the world has become the norm and hey, it's fun to be able to talk with other like minded people about the things you love and to be creative. It's amazing really that you can spread your own views and experiences to people half way across the world. So I've decided to start my own blog, a beauty blog to be more specific, right here from my room in rainy England. 

About 3 years ago my housemates at university introduced me to the world of make-up blogs on youtube (these ones to be exact  Sara pixiwoo and Tanya Burr who are like the biggest beauty bloggers of like ever so I'm sure you've heard of them. Seriously if you haven't make it your first stop to check them out - where have you been?!). 

Since then my make up bag has probably gone from being a cheap foundation, a broken up blusher and an eye-liner that has never been sharpened, to a beautifully organised make-up collection of tried and tested purchases that have come highly recommended from beauty bloggers and quite a few pieces that I've also tried out myself. It's turned into quite a hobby. I feel that I've built up quite a bit of knowledge over the years and I've become self-taught in the world of make-up artistry and beauty. I've even started doing make-up at family weddings and events - all thanks to where it all started, beauty blogs. 

So... I thought hmm! I should give that a go. I'm going to be as honest and as detailed as I can be about all the products I try so I hope you find it useful. Enjoy!

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